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CORinAZONe ART-The art of Corina Chirila


Watercolor painting of Elise

When I listen to Fur Elise by L.W. Bethoven the image of Elise come in my mind.I feel like I see her in front of me, so young so delicate so beautiful, with white flowers in her brown curly hair and around her.I see her as a bride, dressed in white and with white roses around her.This watercolor painting is showing the way I imagine Elise when i listen to this melody

Beethoven scholars and critics are not entirely certain who "Elise" was. The most reasonable theory is that Beethoven originally titled his work "Für Therese", Therese being Therese Malfatti von Rohrenbach zu Dezza (1792-1851), whom Beethoven intended to marry in 1810. However, she declined Beethoven's proposal. In 1816 Therese Malfatti, who was the daughter of the Viennese merchant Jacob Malfatti von Rohrenbach (1769-1829), married the Austrian nobleman and state official Wilhelm von Droßdik (1771-1859). When the work was published in 1865, the discoverer of the piece Ludwig Nohl mistranscribed the title as "Für Elise". The autograph is lost

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The art of Corina Chirila